Royal Ascot Style Guide

As the Royal Ascot approaches, men are often left wondering what to wear to this prestigious event. With strict dress codes in place, it’s important to choose the right attire that meets the standards while still showing off your personal style. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the essentials – from a winning suit to the perfect finishing touches – ensuring you arrive looking your best. So, polish your brogues, dust off your top hat (yes, it is that kind of event!), and put your best foot forward at one of the most iconic events of the British social calendar.

Let’s get started.

18TH TO 22ND JUNE 2024


Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is a prestigious annual event held in June at Ascot Racecourse, England. It’s famous for two things: top-notch horse racing featuring some of the world’s finest thoroughbreds, and the elaborate fashion sense of its attendees.

Royal Ascot Races
photo by James Marwood
Windsor Enclosure Menswearonline



Although the dress code here is much less strict than in other enclosures, you are still expected to dress up in smart daywear.
A pair of chinos, a suit jacket and a collared shirt are a must! 

In terms of accessories, you can ditch the tie (if you wish), but we definitely recommend incorporating a unique pocket square into your look. 

Also, don’t forget to wear smart shoes with socks!

Windsor enclosure checklist
Classic black or brown frames are always safe bets.
Leather belts are the most formal option and pair well with chinos or dress pants. 
Put your best foot forward

Shoes are often one of the first things people notice, especially in a formal setting. Dirty, worn-out, or mismatched shoes can create a negative impression of carelessness or lack of attention to detail.

So make sure to check out our complete shoe care guide to help you keep your shoes in pristine condition.

Menswearonline Ascot Village



In this enclosure, you are expected to wear a 3-piece or a 2-piece suit with a neckwear of your choice. 

You are encouraged to express your personality with striking suit patterns or unique ties and pocket squares, as long as they don’t have any logos (patterns with patriotic elements, such as a national flag, are acceptable). 
It is also acceptable to wear chinos and suit jackets that have different material to the trousers.

Lastly, don’t forget to wear socks that cover the ankle.

Jeans, trainers and shorts are a big no-no for this enclosure.

Ascot Menswearonline village enclosure

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Menswearonline Ascot Queen Anne



The dress code in the Queen Anne Enclosure is not only formal, but also much more traditional. Opt for a  two or three-piece suit along with a collared shirt and tie.

In terms of colours, we would recommend to stick to navy, grey or black, although classic pinstripe suits are also allowed.

Wearing bow ties and cravats os not permitted, and while shoes don’t necessarily have to be black, they should adhere to dark colours. Just like in other enclosures, socks that cover the ankle are a must. Jeans, trainers, or chino trousers are not allowed.

Ascot 1 Menswearonline

To impress with your outfit, master the art of tying the perfect knot. Check out our article on tie knots for a sharp look.

Royal Enclosure Menswearonline



The Royal Enclosure is the most prestigious area, and it has a strict dress code. Men are required to wear formal morning suit in standard black, but grey is also acceptable.

A black top hat is necessary, and a crisp collared shirt with a silk tie in a floral print or a simple block colour to complete the look. Bow ties or cravats are not allowed. 

Socks should be worn and they should cover the ankle. Dress shoes must be black, and it’s essential to give them a good polish.

Ascot 2 Menswearonline
Royal Ascot dress code
Royal Ascot dress code Windsor Enclosure

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