Conversation Starters: Break the Ice with these Unique Pieces

Going to a networking event or a conference?

Here is an easy tip – wear a conversation starter! 
What’s that I hear you ask? Well, it could be a slightly unusual pair of shoes, a tie or a pocket square with a unique pattern, or any other piece of garment that stands out (for the right reasons). 

Even if you don’t know anyone at the event, I guarantee that  wearing “conversation starters” will pull people to you like a magnet. 

Of course, these work just as well at social gatherings and could even be a great ice breaker on a first date. 


1. Don’t overdo it. 
This is definitely one of those scenarios where less is more. One unique piece of garment is more than enough to get people’s attention.

2. Choose a quality piece
You want people complementing you on your taste and not ridiculing you for the lack of it, so choose your garment wisely. 

3. Be careful with patterns
This applies particularly to ties – they are definitely the best conversation starters, but can also be easy to mess up if you go too rogue. 


Jeffery West’s unique and stylish designs, are perfect for individuals who want a well-made, conversation-starting trainer with a bit of rock and roll flair. This laceless low-top trainer provides easy on-and-off wear and a modern twist on the classic trainers.


Wool adds a unique texture to your outfit, providing a visual contrast to smoother fabrics like cotton or silk. They offer a more relaxed and sophisticated look compared to traditional ties.


Pocket squares are a fun and creative way to elevate your smart casual work attire. A simple folded pocket square instantly adds a polished touch to a blazer and shirt combination.

If your pocket square is a statement piece, keep the rest of your outfit more subdued. Let the pocket square be the focal point.

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Patterned print shirts can be great conversation starters if the print is either unique or unexpected.  
It might not be the best choice for a super formal event, but it could be perfect for a casual gathering, an art opening, or a networking event with a creative vibe.

Of course, these are just a few examples.
As mentioned before, any unique piece of clothing can be a great conversation starter. 

It must be said that confidence is key in pulling off any statement piece. When you wear it with self-assurance, it shows you’re not afraid to express yourself and might encourage others to comment or ask questions.

Sometimes, the styling itself is done so masterfully, it compels people to comment on it. 
So with that in mind, we invite you to experiment with it and don’t forget to share your looks with us social media. 

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