The Father of the Bride or Groom Buying Guide

A wedding is a significant moment for all members of a family and as the father of the bride or groom, it’s natural to want to look your best for this special day. However, achieving a look that is both sharp and complementary to the bridal couple can be a challenging at times.

You want to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and it should feel connected to what the groom and the groomsmen are wearing in terms of formality, as well as overall aesthetic of the wedding. 

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about buying the perfect suit for this important occasion, ensuring you make a lasting impression.

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Before You Shop

To be prepared and make informed decisions when buying a suit, consider the following things before making purchase: 

Father of the groombride checklist menswearonline

The Foundation of Your Look – FIT

Suit Fitting Menswearonline

A well-tailored suit elevates your entire look, exuding confidence and polish. It should feel comfortable without being restrictive, with clean lines that flatter your body type. Here’s where attention to detail becomes crucial. That is why we encourage you to book appointment with us as we offer tailoring service, making sure that the suit is adjusted to your specific measurements.

CONCIDER Placing a Group Menswear Order

Consider organising a group menswear order to achieve a cohesive look for the wedding party. This ensures that everyone in the wedding party has attire that complements each other, creating a polished visual experience.

This also presents a perfect opportunity for an enjoyable time for the father of the groom, groom, and his closest companions. A group order can transform the process into a shared bonding expirience that will creates lasting memories.



When it comes to choosing the colour, consider the season and location of the wedding. Lighter colours like light grey and light blue are perfect for summer weddings as they will keep you cool and complement the sunny season.

Navy and royal blue are versatile choices that work well year-round and exude a sense of timeless elegance. 

If the wedding is abroad at a beach destination, a beige suit can be a stylish option that complements the relaxed, sunny setting. Remember, the key is to choose a colour that complements the overall theme of the wedding. 


Opt for fabrics that exude quiet luxury. High-quality wools drape beautifully and hold their shape, ensuring a polished look throughout the wedding day. For warmer weather weddings, consider linen or linen blends that offer breathability while maintaining a touch of sophistication.

Colour and Fabrics Father of the Groom Suit Buying



Canali is absolutely a good choice when looking for a wedding suit that embodies quiet luxury. Canali is known for its exceptional craftsmanship. They use high-quality fabrics and employ traditional tailoring techniques that result in a suit that looks and feels luxurious, without being ostentatious.


Canali focuses on classic silhouettes and understated details. This ensures the suit will look polished and appropriate for a formal occasion, without appearing trendy or dated in photos you’ll cherish for years to come.

SHOP suits: 
Marc Darcy

Marc Darcy is well know for their reputation for dressing grooms and groomsmen worldwide. This translates into a keen understanding of wedding style and what works for a father figure in the wedding party.

Image source: Marc Darcy. All Rights Reserved.

BOSS suits are crafted from premium fabrics like wool, cashmere, and linen. These fabrics not only look luxurious but also drape well and provide a comfortable wearing experience. A BOSS suit will ensure that as a father of the groom, you will look polished and put-together on the wedding day.

SHOP suits: 

Roy Robson is known for well-made, tailored menswear. The suits are comfortable and drape well and come in a range of styles and colours, from classic navy to more modern options like textured checks. This gives you flexibility to find a suit that complements the wedding’s formality and your personal taste.

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If there has been a specific colour theme set, use your tie, pocket square, or cufflinks to incorporate those hues. This creates a sense of cohesion without overshadowing the bride and groom.

But even without a set color scheme, consider the season. A summer wedding bathed in golden sunlight calls for lighter accessories – think pastel pocket squares or ties with floral patterns.


Winter weddings with their dark toned decor and cooler temperatures allow for richer accessories. Opt for a patterned tie in deep burgundy or a luxurious velvet pocket square in emerald green. These seasonal nods add a touch of sophistication and ensure your look complements the overall atmosphere.


Remember, the tie and pocket square should ideally share a colour palette, creating a cohesive visual connection. If you unsure on how to on coordinate your tie and pocket square, make sure to check out our latest blog article on ‘How To Mix And Match Tie And Pocket Square’.

OTHER Considerations

✔ Ensure that the colour of the belt matches the colour of the shoes. This creates a cohesive and polished look that speaks volumes about your attention to detail.

✔ Opt for dress shoes like Oxfords or Derby. Loafer will be acceptable only in case of destination wedding when styling them with the beige suit.

✔ A white dress shirt is the most common and classic choice for the father of the groom on the wedding day. White inherently conveys formality and elegance, which aligns perfectly with the celebratory atmosphere of a wedding.


In conclusion, finding the perfect suit is about prioritising fit, choosing the right fabric, and embracing the concept of understated luxury. By focusing on these key elements, you can ensure that you’ll look and feel your best on  the special day. Congratulations on your son’s / daughter’s wedding, and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness for the happy couple!

The Father of the grrombride buying guide menswearonline
The Father of the grrombride buying guide menswearonline 2

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