25 Best Smart Casual Men’s Style Influencers

Choosing your everyday wear can be surprisingly tricky.

Whilst formalwear offers you a well-trodden path of suits, shirts and ties (that is relatively easy to follow), when it comes to smart-casual style – it’s a jungle! 

To help you navigate your way through the jungle, we’ve found 25 of the best-dressed menswear influencers who show us how it’s done.

If you find their looks as inspiring as we do, don’t forget to follow them on Instagram for more outfit ideas. 

1. Eirik

We love Eirik’s no-fuss smart-casual style. It’s sophisticated, yet beautiful in its simplicity.

One of our favourite outfits from his feed is the Black+White+Overshirt combo. It’s a great formula which is easy to re-create and will always achieve the desired effect.
Also notice, how he colour-matches the shoes either with elements on his overshirt or with his sunglasses. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Black & White base
– Great selection of overshirts
– Colour-matching shoes to a detail of the outfit


2. Efe Efeturi

If you like your looks to stand out with a pop of colour, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on Efe Efeturi’s Instagram account!

We love how he manages to strike the balance between sophistication and playfulness whilst letting his personality shine through his outfits.
Notice how he uses colour in his outfits: in the 1st look he combines only rich and saturated colours, whilst choosing light/muted colours in the 2nd one.

Key elements in his looks:
– Expert colour coordination
– Clever use of hats to give the outfits more character
– Combining textures and layers (e.g. corduroy and tweed) 


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There is a reason Magno has created a powerful personal brand with over 3.7 million followers – his outfits always exude confidence and sophistication. 

We picked these 2 monochrome looks from his feed to show you that elegant smart styling doesn’t have to be complicated.

Just pick a trouser + polo shirt + a pair of loafers in the same colour and you’re good to go! 

Key elements in his looks:
– Sophistication in minimalism 
– He rarely uses patterned fabrics
– Monochromatic looks are his go-to uniform


4. Hajune Park / 박하준

The South Korean menswear influencer Hajun Park proves that pairing your jeans with more formal pieces like jacket or shirt can create a smart look with a casual edge. 

We also love his clever use of accessories like belts, ties or even knitwear as way of creating a unique spin to his looks. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Subtle details and a relaxed aesthetics
– Clean and polished look
– Jeans + Formalwear


5. Miguel Angel

Miguel is a web designer based in the Canary Islands, who has successfully transitioned his web design skills into an impeccable style. 

His outfits range from dapper to relaxed and everything in between. We particularly like his monochrome outfits, masterfully mixing shades and textures.

Key elements in his looks:
– Earthy tones
– Subtle use of patterns/absence of  patterns
– Great combination of textures and fabrics 



Richy is a photographer & videographer from Germany who is a passionate sartorialist, although we are also big fans of his more casual looks. He wears a predominantly muted palette with combinations of brown, beige, grey and navy.


Key elements in his looks:
– Cable knit jumpers (jumpers with texture)
– Neckscarves and other accessories
– Regular leg jeans / trousers
– Loafers


7. Johnjacar

John is a menswear influencer and photographer based in Spain. 
We love how he combines accessories like beanies or bags with formalwear pieces to create unique looks with plenty of character. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Mixing casual pieces with formal
– Accessorises with beanies, baker boy caps and bags
– Combines “formal” gentlemen scarf with more casual looks 


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8. Fali Romero

As a self-proclaimed sport addict, Fali’s style feels sophisticated and yet relaxed. He often combines t-shirts with formal jackets and even when he chooses a shirt, he often opts for the relaxed unbuttoned look. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Combining t-shirts or turtlenecks with suit pieces 
– Monochromatic base layer (e.g. black trousers & shirt) with an accent colour overshirt
– Relaxed, unbuttoned shirt styling

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9. Manu

You’ll often see Manu in relaxed baggy jumpers or slightly oversized jackets. He often chooses a muted colour palette with earthy tones and lots of balance out a formal look with a casual accessory, like a beanie. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Clean minimalistic shapes
– Timeless pieces in neutral tones
– Casual accessories with formal jackets


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10. Philip Conradsson

Philip is a fashion consultant and writer who has perfected the art of casual sophistication to a tee. He often opts for oversized double-breasted jackets or loose linen shirts in solid colours. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Muted colour palette 
– Oversized outerwear 
– Double-breasted jackets 

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Falco stays true to his extravagant Italian heritage by opting for bold, attention grabbing colours (which are always perfectly balanced) and lots of expert layering.

Key elements in his looks:  
– Bold colour palette
– Layering (often with a cardigan)
– Neck scarves and other accessories

12. Julian Piket

As a New York based fashion influencer, Julian knows a thing or two about timeless elegance. His styling is sleek and sophisticated, with a strong sense of pizzaz.

Key elements in his looks:
– Toned-down colour palette 
– Elegance and effortless sophistication
– Layering with V-neck and Half-zip jumpers

13. Hunter Vought

Hunter describes his dress style “timeless” and we couldn’t agree more! The perfectly tailored clothes in a subtle earthy palette is elevated by a touch of vintage appeal. Truly timeless indeed!

Key elements in his looks:
– earthy tones/ complementary colours
– tailored clothes
– clever layering (especially with sweaters)

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14. Andreas Weinås

You will mostly find Andreas dressed in elegant sartorial looks. Needless to say, he maintains the same elegance in his casual outfits.

Key elements in his looks:
– loosely tucked in shirts / sweaters
– loafers & pleated white trousers
– earthy palette

15. Chayanne Muñoz


The Miami based menswear influencer exudes chill vibes with a smart edge.

He is not afraid to incorporate bold accent colours, whilst turning smart-casual wear on its head (literally) by pairing smart trousers with more casual tops. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Accent colours 
– Formal trouser + casual top
– affinity for V-necks & Hawaiian shirt collars 

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16. Sul


Sul is a UK-based property investor, who clearly also knows how to invest in the right garments! 

His style is elegant, yet has a casual and relaxed feel. 

Key elements in his looks:

– Urban style inspired elements with a touch of sophistication
– Untucked t-shirts / shirts
– Layering with hoodies

17. Carl Cunard


We may be lured to Carl’s Instagram profile by his adorable chowchow Carter, but we stay for the style!
Carl often opts for tailored, slim-fit pieces and is not afraid to use bold colours in his looks. And can we just add that matching your outfits with your pet is the best idea ever!?

Key elements in his looks:
Interesting way of showcasing his style by matching outfits with his dog. 

Key elements in his looks:

– Tailored & slim fit pieces
– Often opts for beige or even white chinos
– Great colour coordination 


Niklas is a German influencers with a Mediterranean flair. He often chooses loose fitting shirts and trousers, which gives his style a laid back feel. 

 Key elements in his looks:

– Loosely fitted trousers & shirts (“old money” aesthetics)
– Layering with sweaters
– Affinity for overshirts and leather jackets

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19. ARND

Austria-based Arnd has an affinity for big statement pieces, which make his outfits fashion runway worthy! 
Whether it’s big overcoats, oversized scarves or majestic leather jackets, we promise you’ll get a lot of inspiration from his immaculate fashion account. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Versatile oversized pieces (especially coats!)
– Earthy/muted tones 
– Timeless chic layering


If there was one word to describe Donjay’s style it’s “flamboyant”. If you want to be the talk of the party, you should check out his account for some outfit inspiration. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Bold colours & patterns 
– Tight fitting pieces
– Accessories like hats, caps and bags

21. Ben Brewster

Founder of the digital lifestyle magazine The Cuff, the New York based influencer Ben knows how to create simple and yet sophisticated casual looks. His trademark style include clean lines, oversized outerwear and tailored pieces. 

Key elements in his looks:

– Oversized outerwear
– Tailored trousers
– Monochromatic styling

22. Carl Thompson


Carl is not only a lifestyle influencer, but also the founder of 2 fashion brands. (Technically one of them is a jewellery brand). His style is a mixture of formalwear paired with casual pieces and an occasional statement, like a wide-rimmed panama hat.

Key elements in his looks:

– Earthy tones
– Monochromatic looks
– Sophisticated minimalist/quiet elegance

23. Mohamed Ahmed

What thing we can say about the French fashion influencer Mohamed is that his outfits are anything but boring! His clever use of accessories and the mixture of formalwear with playful often bold statement pieces will make you want to scroll his feed for hours. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Clever use of accessories
– Monochromatic looks
– Affinity for bold colours and unique statement pieces

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Daniel’s baggy urban style exudes cool vibes! He manages to keep his outfits sophisticated by opting for earthy colours and clean lines, whilst giving them the street edge with oversized statement pieces.

Key elements in his looks:
– Clean and minimal base
– Relaxed fit
– Urban/modern approach to fashion

Charlie Irons

Based in Cotswods, Charlie’s outfits are the epitomy of English countryside style – practical and yet incredibly sophisticated. 

Key elements in his looks:
– Earthy tones 
– Practical pieces like field jackets and wellies
– Affinity for gilets and overshirts

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