25 Best Men’s Fashion Influencers: Suits & Formalwear

Looking sharp in formalwear doesn’t have to be a mystery. From classic cuts to fashion-forward twists, these 25 men’s fashion influencers are here to guide you.

Discover their unique takes on suits, tuxedos, and everything in between, whether you’re a boardroom boss or a wedding guest with style. So, grab your tie, polish your shoes, and follow these style icons – it’s time to suit up and stand out!


Sando from @outbespoken is a sartorial menswear enthusiast based in Japan who has taken formalwear to the next level with his daring but refined styling.

Key elements in his looks:
– unique colourful ties 
– layering with V-cardigan
– affinity for striped shirts
– refined shoe & sock pairing

2. Ooreofe Oluwadara

Meet the stylish menswear and lifestyle content creator from NYC. One thing we know for sure: Ooreofe is not afraid to stand out from the crowd with his impeccable styling and bold colour choices.

Key elements in his looks:
– bold colour statement pieces
– refined tailored suiting
– affinity for patterns like pinstripe and check

3. Sharon Tharma

Sharon is a business consultant and fashion influencer from Antwerp, so he knows a thing or two about the impact of your styling in a business setting.

Key elements in his looks:
– natural earthy tones
– double-breasted suit jackets
– subtle quite luxury

4. Pawel Kupras

As a store manager, Pawel knows how to impress his customers with an impeccable style. If you need inspiration for “tie+shirt+suit” pairings, you’ll find plenty of it on his page.

Key elements in his looks:
– pattern clashing
– rollneck & suit styling
– dapper watch pairing

5. Queyoun Makor

From dapper to casual to street, when it comes to style Queyoun has all the bases covered. You will particularly find his styling helpful if you’re also a gym enthusiast.

Key elements in his looks:
– bold colour styling
– clever use of accessories
– expert layering

6. Roger Müller

The Swiss lawyer, professor and entrepreneur Roger Müller proves that good taste is an important aspect of life at all ages.

Key elements in his looks:
– monochrome styling
– signature hats
– clever styling of cravats


The Masker is a Toronto based sartorial enthusiast, with a special superpower: matching suits with unique cocktails. 

Key elements in his looks:
– contrasting shirt collars
– braces
– attention-grabbing colour schemes

8. Takayuki Namiki

The Japanese neckwear designer Takayuki consistently impresses with his tie choices, whilst keeping the rest of his looks beautifully minimalist. 

Key elements in his looks:
– subtle textures
– attention-grabbing patterned ties
– harmonious colour combos, achieved by suing earthy tones like brown, olive, and beige


Sergio Ines shares his outfits from day to day dapper style to street inspired looks. His passion for fashion is evident in every outfit, whether it’s a classic and elegant ensemble or a modern, street-inspired look.

Key elements in his looks:
– bold colour styling
– unique mix of formal and casual elements

10. Eric austin

Based in Atlanta, Eric Austin has taken his passion for suiting to the next level, by opening a made-to-measure suit boutique. The perfect tailoring of his suits can easily be seen in his images, complemented by impeccable styling choices. 

Key elements in his looks:
– monochromatic styling 
– rollneck + suit pairing
– tailored fit

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11. Gabriel Akinosho

Gabriel is a mens fashion influencer from London who dazzles with his daring colour choices and a clever use of accessories. 

Key elements in his looks:
– clever use of hats, berets, scarves and other accessories
– bold colours 
– modern approach to suit styling 

12. Mohammed Al Nazal 

Mohammed is a digital creator based in Pennsylvania with a great eye for sartorial styling. 

Key elements in his looks:
– mixing casual elements with formal
– layering with cardigans and V-neck sweaters
– classy and sophisticated colour choices

13. Kenneth Chorengel

Kenneth is a Bremen-based fashion enthusiast who masterfully blends classic elegance with vintage charm. If we were to describe his style with tv shows, it would be a perfect combination of Peaky Blinders and Mad Men.

Key elements in his looks:
– clever use of 20s and 60s vintage elements
– flatcaps and panamas
– baggy trousers
– perfect layering

14. SAM

As a former tailor’s fitter from Adelaide Sam knows a thing or two about suits! It’s therefore no surprise to see a hint of charming elegance in his vintage inspired looks. 

Key elements in his looks:
– vintage inspired style/nostalgic charm
– rich textures
– wide-leg trousers and long suit jackets 

15. The GentleDog

Nikko, the digital creator behind @the.gentle.dog is set out to inspire modern gentlemen with wonderfully refined suit styling. 

Key elements in his looks:
– clever pattern clashing 
– tie+suit colour matching
– skilful layering 

16. Marius Müller

The Hamburg-based sartorial menswear enthusiast wows with his elegant and timeless styling.

Key elements in his looks:
– old money aesthetics
– affinity for rich textures and patterns
– muted, complementary colour palette

17. Chris

The Toronto-based menswear blogger is usually found sporting classy tailored formalwear. However, one of our favourite styling tips is the clever use of denim shirts in his sartorial looks. 

Key elements in his looks:
– suit jackets with bold patterns or fabrics
– mix of suits with casual shirts
– contrasting colours

18. Blake Scott Silva

Blake Scott Silva is a Latino menswear influencer based in California. We think his looks are so refined – they deserve a movie star status!

Key elements in his looks:
– supreme, very flattering tailoring
– great colour and pattern combos
– sleek and elegant styling choices

19. ALEX

Alex is a menswear enthusiast with a passion for fitness, tech and coffee. We particularly like his cold-season looks with suits and sweaters!

Key elements in his looks:
– sweater and suit combos
– rich colours and heavy fabrics
– earthy/muted colour palette

20. Douglas Cordeaux

Douglas has approach that blends British tradition with modern innovation in interesting ways.

Key elements in his looks:
– affinity for luxury fabrics and classic patterns (tweed)
– incorporating vintage elements like double-breasted jackets
– refined British countryside styling

21. eyesfromastraightguy

Whilst the creator behind @eyesfromastraightguy remains a bit of an enigma, we believe we’ve cracked his style USP. We love how he matched the tie colour to his shirts – it visually elongates the silhouette and create a wonderful harmony. 

Key elements in his looks:
– matching tie colour with shirt
– striped shirts
– clever use of textures and patterns

22. Stefan Frank-Woda

Stefan Frank-Woda is a Vienna based content creator who specialises in giving styling tips, outfit inspiration and much more. 

Key elements in his looks:
– bold colour styling
– expert in colour coordination
– different approaches to suit styling

23. Danilo

Danilo is a talented menswear influencer from Italy who often brings his Mediterranean relaxed charm to his styling.

Key elements in his looks:
– frequent use of double-breasted jackets
– relaxed summery sartorial style
– great colour combinations 

24. Rainier Jonn

If you love unique take on formal wear, you can find endless  “tie + shirt + suit” inspiration on Rainier page! 

Key elements in his looks:
– cohesive tie and pocket square combos
– great combination of textures
– mixing casual and formal elements

25. David Jang


As a founder and creative director of Lamarche brand, you can see a dedication to formal wear through David’s timeless looks. 

Key elements in his looks:
– tailored fit
– clean lines and minimal appeal
– a use of neutral colours including black, navy, grey, and beige

Mens Fashion Influencers Suits Formalwear

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  • Stephen Steph
    Posted at 11:37h, 17 February Reply

    After reading the article I looked at a couple of them. Some I already knew. Who doesn’t know Douglas Cordeaux. To put him next to fashion victim clowns like Blake Scott Silva with his way to tight pants… is just hilarious. Most of the styles look so very forced, it hurts my eyes to even look at them. And what about this weird trend to pose like a third class model for a fashion catalogue for elderly people? Look at this Frank Woda and you know what I’m talking about.
    Not sure why most about those “Influencers” talk about sartorial wear. Their wardrobe is so very far from the original meaning of sartorial…to brag about MTM cooperations. Again, hilarious!

    Takayuki Namiki seems to be a positive exception. His style comes naturally to him.

  • Tshirtideal
    Posted at 11:31h, 01 April Reply

    This blog is superb. Love it so much, thanks for sharing this with us.

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