From Pub to Party: Men’s St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion

This 17th March, let’s toast (with a glass of Guinness) to commemorate Irish heritage or simply enjoy a good party with elegance and sophistication.

Whether you are celebrating in your local pub, attending a parade or going out for a casual meal with family, let’s ensure that your outfit reflects the occasion and your personal style.

Smart Casual

If you’re planning a dinner celebration with your friends or family, we suggest you consider wearing Les Deux Hybrid Jacket.

This jacket has a smart-casual or slightly formal look, making it perfect for the occasion. Although “olive night” isn’t typically associated with St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a subtle way to incorporate the green theme without overdoing it.

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Mens St Patricks Day Outfit Ideas x Menswearonline 2

If you want a more cohesive look, match the green of the jacket with the shirt and pair it with blue trousers to add contrast.

Mens St Patricks Day Outfit Ideas x Menswearonline
Mens St Patricks Day Outfit Ideas x Menswearonline Banner

For a more causal feel, style the jacket with an unbuttoned white shirt, creating a good balance between smart and laid-back. This approach can easily adapt to different settings, from a casual pub gathering to a relaxed family dinner.

Rich & Relaxed

St. Patricks Day x Menswearonline looks
Phill x Menswearonline Casual Xmas Outfit

The green sweater immediately connects to the St. Patrick’s Day theme as forest green is traditionally associated with the day. This combination is perfect for relaxed celebrations, pub crawls, or casual gatherings.

The dark wash jeans are a great choice for creating a neutral base while maintaining a balanced and relaxed feel.

Why green?

How did the tradition of wearing green on St Patrick’s day came about?
Ireland is nicknamed the “Emerald Isle” due to its lush green landscape. Moreover, the green shamrock (a type of clover) is a national symbol of Ireland and is said to have been used by St. Patrick to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity. 

As Irish immigrants settled around the world, particularly in the United States, they brought their traditions with them. Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day became a way to celebrate their heritage and express their cultural identity.

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This outfit is perfect for a casual gathering at a pub or a house party. The light-washed jeans and beige cardigan create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, while the black belt and sunglasses add a stylish touch. The green cap is a subtle nod to St. Patrick’s Day, without being too over-the-top.

More green accessories

The bomber jacket and rollneck combo is currently in fashion, creating a modern and stylish look. Shades of grey, charcoal, and black give a sophisticated and neat appearance. This outfit is versatile and can be worn for different St. Patrick’s Day occasions, from casual pub gatherings to slightly more formal dinners.

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