Classic vs. Contemporary Wedding Suit – Which Suits You?

Your big day is approaching, and as the groom, you want to look absolutely dashing celebrate this very special occasion. But with so many wedding suit styles out there, how do you choose the perfect one?
Don’t worry, we’re here to help you navigate the battle of styles: classic vs. contemporary wedding suits. Let’s explore these options and find the ideal suit that suits you!


Classic suits are known for their timeless elegance and sophistication. Look for a well-tailored silhouette with structured shoulders and a clean, crisp line.

Classic suit jackets often feature peaked or notched lapels, while the trousers have a straight leg and a medium rise. The fabric used is typically high-quality, such as wool (sometimes blended with silk or linen) and the colour palette leans towards traditional shades like navy, charcoal, or black.

Classic suits prioritise a polished and formal aesthetic, making them the go-to choice for black-tie events or elegant ceremonies.


When it comes to timeless elegance, classic wedding suits take the cake. Brands like Canali, Richard James Mayfair, Wilworst and Emporio Armani offer exceptional options for grooms seeking a traditional suit.

Classic suits are ideal for black-tie events or elegant ceremonies that demand a formal touch. They never go out of style and make for stunning photos that will stand the test of time. 

The prices for high-quality classic suits range between £500 – £1,500. However, it is well worth the investment, as you’ll be able to re-use your wedding suit on many other occasions in the future. 

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Contemporary Wedding Suit Styles

Contemporary suits embrace a sleek and fashion-forward aesthetic. Look for a slim or tailored fit that accentuates the body’s natural lines.

Contemporary suit jackets may feature slim lapels, a shorter length, or even unconventional details like contrasting buttons or unique pocket placements. Trousers tend to have a narrower leg and a lower rise, reflecting a more modern silhouette.

Fabrics used can range from traditional wool to innovative blends or textured materials. Contemporary suits offer a wide range of colour options, including bold hues or patterns, allowing for personal expression and adding a touch of individuality to your look.

Perfect for relaxed or informal weddings, contemporary suits capture the spirit of modern style and allow you to stand out with confidence.

If you’re a modern gentleman with an eye for trends, contemporary wedding suits are the way to go. Brands like Marc Darcy and Without Prejudice excel in creating sleek, fashion-forward suits. The price tag for contemporary suit styles is usually more affordable with prices ranging between £350 – £500.

Contemporary suits offer versatility and allow for personal expression. They are perfect for relaxed or informal weddings, where you can rock a more unique and modern look.

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Comparing Classic and Contemporary Wedding Suit Styles

Now, let’s compare these two suit styles side by side.

Classic suits exude a formal and traditional vibe, while contemporary suits embrace a more trendy and fashion-forward aesthetic. The choice between them ultimately depends on your personal style, the wedding theme, and the venue.

Classic suits offer timeless appeal, while contemporary suits allow you to showcase your individuality. Consider the formality of your wedding and the overall ambiance you want to create.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Suit Style

When making your decision, there are several key factors to keep in mind. Think about your personal style and what makes you feel confident.

Consider your body type and choose a suit that flatters your physique. Take inspiration from your partner’s attire to ensure a cohesive look. 

The wedding venue and setting play a role as well. A classic suit may be ideal for a grand ballroom, while a contemporary suit could suit a trendy outdoor location perfectly.

Making the Final Decision

To make an informed choice, we recommend visiting showrooms, stores, or boutiques that carry the brands we mentioned earlier. Of course, you’re always welcome to book an appointment or just drop by in one of our shops.

Try on different styles, and don’t forget to take swatches or fabric samples to match the suit with the colour palette of the wedding. Consult with your partner and trusted friends or family members for their input.

And of course, consider the comfort and fit of the suit. A well-tailored suit will ensure you look your absolute best on your special day.

If you need any more guidance, check out our article: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR YOUR PERFECT WEDDING SUIT

Your wedding suit is an integral part of your big day. Whether you choose a classic suit that exudes timeless elegance or a contemporary suit that showcases your modern flair, what matters most is that you feel confident and comfortable. 

Remember, this is your day to shine as the groom. So, embrace your individuality, consider the setting, and choose a suit that truly reflects your personal style. With the right suit, you’ll be ready to walk down the aisle and say “I do” in impeccable attire. Cheers to your perfect wedding!

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