The ultimate guide for your perfect wedding suit

Got your wedding date booked? Congratulations! Now it’s time to start planning your outfit. 
Buying a wedding suit is not something a man does every day, so it’s completely normal that you might feel slightly out of your depth.
There’s quite a lot of things to consider when picking the right groom’s suit, especially if you want one that makes you feel confident and dashing, whilst also ticking all the style etiquette boxes. 

To make your life easier, our experts at Menswear Online have put together a comprehensive guide, that will help you find the right style, fit, colour, brand, and the perfect accessories for your big day. 

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When should you buy your wedding suit?

The outfit planning for the groom suit should start least 2 to 3 months before the wedding date. That way, there is enough time for multiple try-ons and alternations, making the whole process much more enjoyable for you.
At Menswear Online, we offer a complimentary tailoring & alteration service when you choose the collection option at the checkout. That way we ensure that your wedding suit sits and fits absolutely perfectly. 

Which suit colour should you go for?


Of course you might already have your colour preferences, however we would like to give you some gentle style guidance, as well as some practical advice, to make sure that you’re on the right path. 

Wedding Season & Location


When choosing your suit, it’s a good idea to consider the season that the wedding will take place in, as well as the location. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Is it likely to be hot, sunny, cold or (heaven forbid) wet? 

Spring / Summer 


A paler grey or light blue are both great colour choices for summer wedding suits as they look stunning in sunny weather and stand out from darker year-round work suits. The same colour scheme applies if you opt for a mediterranean or tropical destination wedding. And if you’re lucky enough to get married on a beach, then a cream linen suit would be the perfect option for you. 

In spring, a 3 piece suit with a waistcoat is the perfect back up for unpredictable temperatures, as it gives you an option to shed a layer, whilst still looking smart.

Tom in light blue without prejudice wedding suit
Tom Without Prejudice wedding suit light blue

Autumn / Winter 


A wedding scheduled for the colder time of the year can be just as beautiful as in summer. You can’t deny that the autumn landscape has a certain magic to it – golden and red leaves paired with the rich tones of charcoal, navy or black suit choices can create a wonderful harmony to compliment your wedding pictures. 

When choosing the textile for your suit make sure to more robust and heavy materials in wool, wool-silk or wool mohair blend. 

Tom in a Marc Darcy 3 piece Wedding suit
Tom in a Marc Darcy 3 piece Wedding suit navy

Unpicking the brands and styles

Now that you have a better idea of colours and fabrics, let’s discuss the different brands as well as their respective styles and fits. 


epitome of Italian elegance

Heritage and craftsmanship is at the heart of this Italian luxury menswear brand, founded in 1934. Sophisticated and versatile Canali suits reinterpret the style of special occasions, embodying the perfect balance between modernity and tradition. They are the perfect final touch to enhance every unique moment. 

Due to the warm Mediterranean weather, handmade Italian suits are lightweight and the fabrics are breathable and soft. The cut tends to be slim and sleek, and offers a modern tone. The fabric is lighter, there’s less padding, and the jackets have two vents. Italian suits don’t conform but, rather, showcase each man’s individual style.


the German structured style

German suits put a lot of focus on craft and precision in the design, both inside and out. From the fabric and materials, to the workmanship, BOSS suits are always engineered to perfection.
Compared to the Italian fit, German suits offer more structure and width in the shoulders, which can give you a leaner silhouette, whilst making it an effortless wear. 



Built for the quintessentially British gentleman, Marc Darcy suits offer great style and comfort for a very affordable price. Their three piece suits with the scoop fronted waistcoats and colourful checked themes are designed for the truly sophisticated. 



Without Prejudice focus on producing timeless menswear with a rebellious, alternative twist, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary, eye-catching designs. 
All WP suits offer flashes of colour in their lining and extravagant under the collar detailing. Without Prejudice are also known for leaving the stitching in the suit to retain its shape, which needs to be taken out before you wear it. 

What about the shirt?


When it comes to picking the right shirt for your wedding suit, a simple white ETON shirt is certainly a great option, as it makes the colour of the suit stand out and gives you a clean and crisp look, whilst matching the white dress of the bride.
If you want to spice things up a bit, it’s worth considering a shirt with subtle and elegant detailing in the collar and cuffs. We also recommend opting for a French Cuff, so you can dazzle everyone with your cufflinks. 
If you prefer a bow tie over tie option, be sure to opt for a white dress shirt

It’s all in the details


Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to inject some personality into your outfit. It’s important to take time to find the perfect additions and ensure they match your suit. For summer and spring weddings, it’s a good idea to choose a lighter colour for your tie and pocket square combo. 

If you opt for a navy or a black suit, we recommend either dark patterned or rich and vivid tones for your tie. Don’t worry about matching the pattern of your pocket square with your tie – as long as there is a crossover in the colour scheme, it will look brilliant. (Top tip: when picking out your boutonnière flower, opt for refreshing white or match the colour of the flower to your tie.)

Lastly, you can go all out on those cuff-links to add a touch of sophistication and class. 

Spring & Summer colour ideas

Autumn & Winter colour ideas

Dress shirt styling ideas

Shoes and wedding suits

Like every other part of your outfit, the type of shoes you wear with your wedding suit is vital to achieving the effect you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve put together a few recommendations for you. For a traditional formal wedding, it’s best to stick to the smart and sophisticated Oxfords or Borgues, while at a more relaxed or destination style wedding, you can opt for a slightly more casual monk strap or loafer.


Oxfords are without doubt the go-to ‘smart shoe’ choice, perfect for special occasions or black tie events where you’re looking to dress to impress. Always make sure you polish your Oxford shoes for maximum effect.


Brogues are defined by the additional detailing and leather panels on the shoe, also known as ‘broguing’. Brogues will often feature heel cups and wingtips, resulting in a more decorative look, which is a great idea when you want to add a unique twist to your wedding outfit. 

Monk shoes 

Monk shoes offer a modern twist by adding a single or double buckle to what are essentially classic Oxfords. This gives monk straps a more casual feel, making them the perfect choice for weddings with a more relaxed setting. 


Loafers offer all-round style with minimal fuss. Laceless and often seen with tassel detailing, the humble loafer is a popular choice of footwear for more casual summer weddings or hot destination weddings with a more relaxed dress code.


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