Belstaff Celebrates It’s 100th Year

Do you love adventure?
There is nothing as exhilarating and freeing as traveling to new countries and trying new things. That’s the spirit of BELSTAFF.
BELSTAFF challenges us to seek out new experiences and push our boundaries. Dream big and turn our dreams into reality. 

We’ve always admired BELSTAFF, whose commitment to crafting timeless pieces goes hand-in-hand with their rich history in empowering exploration and adventure.

That’s why we’re thrilled to celebrate their 100th anniversary! If the BELSTAFF spirit also resonates with you, we’d like to welcome you to tap into your adventurous side and join us in exploring their rich history.


Founded in 1924, Belstaff is a modern British heritage brand with a rich history of moving people forward and equipping them with lasting apparel for life’s pursuits.

Over the decades, Belstaff has created protective suits for race-car drivers so they had the confidence to go faster, wind-proof smocks for Marines to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions, and insulating clothing for mountaineers so they could venture further.

One thing is at the heart of all of these endeavours: an independent spirit. Favoured by innovative thinkers, the brand’s community has a collective need to do things differently.


Belstaff has been worn by famous personalities like Steve McQueen (American actor and racing driver), Ranulph Fiennes (British explorer), and Amy Johnson. 

Amy Johnson wasn’t just the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia; she was a symbol of courage and determination. This spirit resonates deeply with Belstaff, a brand built on the foundations of adventure and exploration.

Belstaff Amy Johnson x Menswearonline

Belstaff’s clothing has always been designed for those who dare to push boundaries. Amy Johnson’s choice to wear Belstaff wasn’t merely practical; it was a symbolic reflection of the brand’s core values. She personified the audacity and unwavering spirit that Belstaff celebrates.

Belstaff Amy Johnson x Menswearonline 2

Belstaff and Amy Johnson’s story serve as an inspiration for all. They remind us that great achievements often lie beyond our comfort zones. By embracing challenges and daring to dream, you can unlock your full potential and make the impossible, possible.


The concept behind the campaign highlights the idea that defining moments shape both individuals and brands.

It delves into Belstaff’s history through “pivotal moments” and the experiences of their “community of independent spirits”.

We would like to invite you to celebrate Belstaff’s rich heritage and legacy, as well as the brand’s bond with individuals who share their values of independence and adventure.

Belstaff 100 year anniversary x Menswearonline7
Belstaff 100 year anniversary x Menswearonline 8


Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: A Celebration of Heritage and Innovation

Belstaff’s spring collection is a blend of tradition and innovation. It celebrates the brand’s history while using it as a springboard to create modern, functional pieces inspired by nature and the spirit of exploration.

Colour Palette Belstaff Eco Green x Menswearonline
Colour Palette Belstaff Shell x Menswearonline
Colour Palette Belstaff Mineral Greenx Menswearonline
Colour Palette Belstaff Off White x Menswearonline





One of the main features of this collection is a colour palette inspired by nature. Colours such as eco-green, shell, and mineral green reflect the natural shades found in the Lake District, which served as the inspiration for the collection.




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Why Belstaff Resonates with British Style

Belstaff is a brand that is well-known for producing high-quality and long-lasting clothing, which is particularly important in the unpredictable British weather.

It has been worn by celebrities, such as David Beckham as well as famous explorers, which can create a sense of excitement and association with exploration and the great outdoors – something that is highly valued in British culture.

Belstaff’s designs are classic and timeless, which can be appealing to individuals who appreciate the value of tradition and quality over fleeting trends.

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