5 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Style

After a year in sweatpants, it can be hard to remember what it feels like to look smart, let alone how to accomplish that classy, elegant look all by yourself.
That’s why we decided to give you a helping hand. With these easy tips, you can smarten up your casual look in no time and impress your friends with your newly regained sense of sophistication.

1. JACKET over tee

The quickest way to elevate a casual look is to throw on a Blazer or a Suit jacket over a simple Tee or Polo-shirt. The T-shirt helps your outfit retain that casual feel (after all, we don’t want push the boat out). 
Keep the colours neutral for a more subtle look. If the sun is out, why not experiment with some bright contrasting colours, like orange and blue, to lift your spirits?

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how to pair a blazer and a t shirt

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blazer and a tee for a sophisticated look

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2. sneaker + chino combo

Trainers paired with chino are the perfect blend of smart and casual. Plus, this look comes with so many perks. First of all, trainers are comfy. And who wants to sacrifice that? Secondly, you really can’t do wrong when it comes to the colour scheme. Once you’ve invested in a white pair of smart trainers, you can wear them with any colour chinos you want and it will look always look smart. It’s a no-brainer if you ask me!
Just make sure to grab yourself a pair of invisible socks – as much as we love colourful quirky socks, they have no place in this combo.


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trainers and chino for a sophisticated look

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trainer and chino look

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3 . Polo shirt + knit

Inspired by the ever-classic shirt under a jumper look, this combo is just as sophisticated, only a 1000 times more comfortable! When it comes to colours, you can play it safe with a white polo under a half zip jumper or embrace your adventurous side with a fun blue, pink or green polo with a matching or contrasting jumper.


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shirt and sweater

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polo and knitwear

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4. statement shirt + chino 

Perfect look for a casual day out or a lunch date in the sun – this statement shirt & chino combo will spread good vibes to anyone in your immediate vicinity. To achieve a more balanced look, make sure the colour of your chinos match one of the colours on your shirt. 

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statement shirt and chinos

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shirt and chino

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5 . Jeans + boots

Not ready to slip out of your jeans yet?  Luckily, you can elevate your look by slipping on a sleek pair of contrasting leather boots. Pair with a matching colour belt and you’re sorted!

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polo and knit

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jeans and boots

Photo credit: @justusf_hansen

What has been your favourite combo? Let us know in the comments!

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