TATEOSSIAN Cufflinks: Sand Timer – Black


TATEOSSIAN Cufflinks: Sand Timer – Black

Black-coloured sand is contained within an intricate, small hourglass, finished with our signature diamond pattern and black-coloured enamel detailing on the sides. Another fun addition to our “play-time” series, leaving you addicted and passing the time with its playful element. Set in rhodium plated base metal.

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Rhodium plated base metal with black-coloured enamel elements.



The face of each cufflink measures 24mm length x 9mm height x 8mm width.


A unique and interactive piece, these sand timer cufflinks are an amazing example of real life products turned into a real-life miniature version. Coloured sand has been contained within an intricate small glass timer. 

Tateossian’s designer cufflinks are the pinnacle of style, luxury & individuality. Their sleek design offers a dose of the brand’s iconic style and attention to quality craftsmanship to your attire. Browse our range of cufflinks that are as unique as you are & shop today!




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