TATEOSSIAN CUFFLINKS – Elephant Moving Ear Swarovski Eye


TATEOSSIAN CUFFLINKS – Elephant Moving Ear Swarovski Eye

Inspired by the Guilloche pattern used in classical Greek and Roman Architecture.

This decorative technique of engraving is enhanced when decorated on a disc of white mother of pearl, creating a shine behind each line and curve when held to the natural light. Set in rhodium plated stainless steel.

The colour and natural formation of our gemstones differs from one another due to natural variation, making each piece truly one of a kind.


Rhodium plated stainless steel.



Mother of pearl is produced from calcium carbonate, from the lustrous lining in the shells of the sea substances such as pearl oysters and mussels. This lining occurs in tones of milky white.


The face of each cufflink measures 18mm length x 18mm height x 2mm width.

Tateossian’s designer cufflinks are the pinnacle of style, luxury & individuality. Their sleek design offers a dose of the brand’s iconic style and attention to quality craftsmanship to your attire.


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