1.  Cuban Collar Shirt

Feel the summer breeze in a stylish Cuban collar shirt. With a distinctive collar and short sleeves, they’re an easy way to jazz up an outfit and make a real statement. You can choose to wear them with a bold print or keep it plain in a solid colour. These shirts look extra cool in bright shades like yellow, blue or green. Complete the look with chinos and sunglasses, and you’ll be donning the summer sun in style.

2.  Relaxed suiting

Not all tailoring has to be tight, so why not let loose with some relaxed suiting? From something subtle to extraordinarily over the top, wearing a formal outfit in a casual setting never looked so good. Pair the ensemble with sneakers and a white T-shirt for a laid back feel, and keep the blazer buttoned up. It’s best to avoid wearing an office shirt with this, as you may look like you’re in your dad’s clothes. The most important accessory you can wear with this is confidence. Rock it, and you’ll be getting compliments all day!

3.  Pastels

We all have a comfort zone. A place where we feel cosy and safe and dry. For most guys, this takes the form of a wooly cocoon in some shade of navy, black or grey. But every now and then we need to step outside. If we don’t, we risk our style becoming stagnant, or even mouldy (and no one wants the way they dress described as ‘mouldy’).

This season, few trends challenge guys to try something new, experiment, even get a scared like wearing pastels. Get these faded, chalky hues favoured by everyone from Tom Ford to Topman right, you look look like 1980s Miami Vice; get them wrong, you look like My Little Pony.

To avoid getting freezer burnt by spring’s sorbet soft goods, apply a colour — such as mint green or dusty pink — to a single piece (sweatshirts, denim jackets and sneakers being the most wearable) anchored by a dark staples before progressing to tonal looks. Trust us, it’s a much easier way of blowing the cobwebs off than hand gliding.

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